Professional Learning

See how educators, coaches, and other leaders are using the Learner Variability Navigator (LVN) to support their practice. 

  • Case studies and articles highlight ways different users have used the LVN to solve problems in their practice 
  • Videos examples typically highlight strategies and ways different users have used the LVN to support professional learning 
  • Templates designed to show ways you can use the LVN to support instructional planning and decision making.

For Teachers

There are lots of ways teachers can use the LVN to support their practice.  Check out these examples to learn more:

Case Studies

Guidance Counselor supporting LGBTQ students

Teaching in a hybrid format in a rural area of Illinois, with a student population that is 90 percent White and more than half coming from low-income households.

Multilingual Learners & Book Clubs

Teaching in a hybrid format at a middle school where 32 percent of the students are White, and more than half of the students come from low-income households.

Moving from K to 4th

Teaching virtually at an elementary school where 65 percent of the students are White, and less than one third come from low-income households.

Examples of Practice

Acting/Role Playing by Sarah Oberle

This video shares ways the teacher, Sarah Oberle, uses the research-based strategy: acting/role play with her first graders.

Goal Setting with Kelly Sheppard

In this video, 2022 Practitioner Advisory Board member, Kelly Sheppard, talks about how she uses goal setting as an Assistant Principal.

Jen Loescher’s Math Games

Regional Math Trainer, Jen Loescher, shares how she uses the research-based strategy math games in her practice.


Student Scenarios

Use these student scenarios as ways to collaborate and practice how to use the LVN to support students strenghts and challenges.

Lesson Plan Reflection Template

Use this template to reflect on how you will address learner variability in an upcoming or recent lesson. Check out this example of a completed template.

For Coaches

Case Studies

Coaching to Teacher Strengths

Coaching a first year special education teacher by identifying strengths.

Addressing Belonging & Multilingual Learners

Creating a sense of belonging for multilingual learners to help them engage in math routines and discussions.

Universal Design for Learning and Coaching

Using the Navigator to support professional development on Universal Design for Learning.

Examples of Practice

LVN and Culturally Responsive Practices in Math

Preparing educators to assess what the needs are in their classroom and then equipping them to use a tool like the Learner Variability Navigator.

Think-Pair-Share Debrief

This video shares ways the teacher, Sarah Oberle, uses the research-based strategy: acting/role play with her first graders.

Think-Pair-Share Follow Up

Ty and Jessica reflect with Ms. Raneri on how Think-Pair Share is going in her classroom after several weeks of trying the strategy.

Expressive Writing to Address Assessment Anxiety

Ty and Jessica talk with Ms. Springfield about her use of expressive writing to reduce assessment anxiety.

For MTSS Leaders

The LVN is a great tool for Multi-Tiered Support System (MTSS) leaders to support making informed decisions about how to support the whole learner through the MTSS process.

Examples of Practice

Portrait of a Learner Template

Select a learner model from the Learner Variability Navigator and identify factors and strategies based on what you know and have learned about this student through your collaboration with the student, family, and other school staff.

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