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Designing for Learner Variability

Get the Designing for Learner Variability: Guide to Getting Started that includes:

  • What is learner variability
  • An overview of learner models on the Learner Variability Navigator
  • An explanation of our Design for Learner Variability Principles
  • A self-reflection and self-assessment activity
Additional resources on understanding learner variability

Learner Variability is the Rule Not the Exception. This white paper by Barbara Pape summarizes key research that explains the concept of learner variability. A great primer.

Teach Students about Learner Variability

Get the teacher-created Learner Variability Project Field Guide for Teaching Students about Learner Variability that includes:

  • Language, tips and talking points for teaching students about learner variability.
  • Language for explaining the concept of the whole child in student friendly terms. 
  • Sample lesson plans, strategies and resources to help students understand themselves as learners and to dispel the myth of average!
Additional Resources to Support Teaching about Learner Variability

Why You Should Teach Your Students About Learner Variability

This blog explains why this practice matters.

Teaching Learner Variability in the Classroom Webinar

Watch this free webinar on EdWeb about the guide and earn 1 hour of CE credit!

Learner Variability Activity Poster 

Poster for your classroom or teacher prep space.

Lessons for Teaching About Learner Variaiblity

Explore Sarah’s lessons for PK-3rd grade learners.

Explore Vidula’s lessons for 4th-7th grade learners.

Explore Renee’s lessons for 7th-9th graders

Strength-Based Whole Child IEPs

This guidebook is designed to support teachers as they apply a whole child, strength-based lens throughout the IEP process. The teacher template includes:

  • Examples with sample language
  • Links to research-based factors and strategies from the Learner Variability Navigator web app to support students.
  • Information on the science behind this tool.
  • An article that features the start up and goals of the IEP Project. 
Teacher Curated Workspaces on Learning Disabilities

Megan’s Workspace on ADHD

Special Educator, Megan Gross, shares her favorite strategies for supporting students with ADHD in her classroom.

Megan’s Workspace on Dyslexia

Special Educator, Megan Gross, shares her favorite strategies for supporting students with dyslexia in her classroom.

Megan’s Workspace on Autism

Special Educator, Megan Gross, shares her favorite strategies for supporting students with autism in her classroom.

Culturally Responsive Practices

Our guide to culturally responsive practice provides:

  • Protocols to guide your teaching practice
  • Reflection questions for you to consider how your identity and your teaching practice intersect
  • Reviews of how learner variability can support culturally responsive teaching.

Learn more about the intersection of Culturally Responsive Practices and Learner Variability on our Culturally Responsive Practice Topic Page. The Topic page includes free resources, links to several edWeb webinars, and related blogs.

Additional Resources to Support Culturally Responsive Practices

Culturally Responsive Topic Page

Our topic page provide an overview of the intersection between certain topics like culturally responsive practice and learner variability. They highlight factors, strategies and resources of how you can use the Learner Variability Navigator to support certain topics or groups of students.

Reflection Questions and Protocols

Access the reflection questions and protocols from our guide to incoroporate into your practice or professional learning.

Digital Literacy for Adults

In partnership with the Barbara Bush Foundation and Digital Promise, this guide was created to share the science of adult learning along with practical approaches to building digital literacy skills. This guide includes a comprehensive framework for promoting digital literacy skills based on the adult learner model from the LVN. 

Along with the guide, we developed free training materials to help programs train mentors, volunteers and staff.  Check out the samples and contact us using the form below if you’d like the full training materials

Facilitator Training Handbook Sample

Facilitator’s Slide Deck Sample

Facilitator’s Slide Deck (with notes) Sample

Additional Resources for Adult Learner Training

Design Engaging DEI Workshops

Watch our free webinar recording on EdWeb on how to build DEI Workshops for adult learners using the Learner Variability Navigator and earn CE credit!

Experiential Learning For Adults

See how Julye Williams, founder and CEO of Project 2043, uses experiential learning in her trainings to support adult learners

The Science of Adult Learning

Read our white paper that sets the context for the Adult Learner Model and why understanding all aspects of a learner’s life is critical for adults too.

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